Friday 20 July 2012

Casual Misogyny Begins at an Early Age

This morning's Metro featured a particularly obnoxious advertisement for Sainsburys.

The text reads "I like red lollies and green lollies. But not yellow ones. Girls like yellow ones."

I find this hugely problematic because it is a symptom of the way the gender binary (and hence, sexist attitudes in general) is being instilled into children from birth. The thing is, there really are boys who think that they are not supposed to like things because girls like them.

If this is what five-year-olds think, and it goes unchallenged, what sorts of sexist drivel might they be spouting by the time they are older?

If you also find this offensive, you may wish to contact the following people:

Advertising Standards Authority Ltd,
Mid City Place,
71 High Holborn,

And, as dirty as it makes me feel to have to say this, you may also wish to shop at Tesco.

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