Saturday, 10 November 2012


Tonight, I have to go out with some old friends -- friends from before I began my Journey. So I thought it would be simplest all around if I just sucked it up and presented male for the evening.

As it turns out, I think I've already forgotten how to dress like a bloke. And I'm not entirely sure I'll necessarily remember to respond to my boyname.

Oh well. I'm at the foot of the escalator now. Wish me luck .....


When I met them, it was an all-male party. They made some terrible sexist remarks. Even including "Simon, stop being such a girl!" Yes. Really. As though that was the biggest insult he could come up with. (Funny thing is, I have never considered being called a girl an insult.) I did ask him in a slightly hurt tone what he thought was wrong with being a girl, but I didn't dare admit that my presentation tonight was the exception. Then the women of the party arrived, the sexist conversation mysteriously stopped and we headed to the restaurant.

I cut and run after the meal. At least I made the right decision to go boymode. There's a small chance that maybe they would have been entirely understanding if I had been myself; they might even have held off on the sexist remarks in the presence of someone they knew would be offended.

Anyway, I think I'll decide tomorrow how well I think I thought I handled it.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vale Zyra

It is with great sadness that we learned today of the passing of an Internet legend: Zyra is no more.

I never knew Zyra the person, for which I am no doubt the poorer; but found Zyra the site highly inspirational. Not because it was slick and polished and full of bells and whistles (it isn't). Not because it was a mine of more or less useful or useless information, in which it was possible to while away many an hour without really minding about being lost, just because the scenery was so interesting (although it is).

No, I fell in love with the site because this evidently belonged to somebody who wasn't going to put up with that s#!t. And a unilateral declaration of independence is something to be admired.

If you haven't seen the site, I recommend you take a look before it disappears from the Internet forever. Make sure you have quick and easy food and your favourite pharmaceutical products handy, you aren't expecting visitors and the recorder is programmed for your favourite TV shows; then jump feet-first down the rabbit hole, click on a link and get exploring.

If my hat wasn't already doffed, I'd have to tip it to Twitter user @sophiabotha.