Saturday 10 November 2012


Tonight, I have to go out with some old friends -- friends from before I began my Journey. So I thought it would be simplest all around if I just sucked it up and presented male for the evening.

As it turns out, I think I've already forgotten how to dress like a bloke. And I'm not entirely sure I'll necessarily remember to respond to my boyname.

Oh well. I'm at the foot of the escalator now. Wish me luck .....


When I met them, it was an all-male party. They made some terrible sexist remarks. Even including "Simon, stop being such a girl!" Yes. Really. As though that was the biggest insult he could come up with. (Funny thing is, I have never considered being called a girl an insult.) I did ask him in a slightly hurt tone what he thought was wrong with being a girl, but I didn't dare admit that my presentation tonight was the exception. Then the women of the party arrived, the sexist conversation mysteriously stopped and we headed to the restaurant.

I cut and run after the meal. At least I made the right decision to go boymode. There's a small chance that maybe they would have been entirely understanding if I had been myself; they might even have held off on the sexist remarks in the presence of someone they knew would be offended.

Anyway, I think I'll decide tomorrow how well I think I thought I handled it.

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