Thursday 21 March 2013

Latest Developments on Solar Project

I now have my Energy Performance Certificate.  Montoya Mansions has earned a "D", 59 points.  Things like "energy saving light bulbs throughout"  (since 1996, for the record -- Ed.)  and "biomass secondary heating"  (my gorgeous log burner in the living room)  helped.  Solid walls, and only 100 mm. of loft insulation under the boards, did not.  Also, not having a room thermostat  (which I could leave cranked up to 30 all the time anyway)  on the  (non-condensing, but pilotless)  combi boiler counts against me, despite there being no suitable location for a room thermostat and all radiators having thermostatic valves -- but this is what happens when you prioritise box-ticking above thinking.

I also have my application forms for the feed-in tariff  (which I will need to send off as soon as I have the installation certificate),  a confirmed installation date for the solar panels, and a mini-statement from the cash machine shows that the cheque with which I paid the deposit has been cashed.  Things are moving forward .....

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