Wednesday 13 March 2013

Montoya Mansions is going Solar Powered

Montoya Mansions is to become solar-powered!

I've had a very reasonable quotation to install solar panels on my roof.  They will be able to fit a 2kW system  (eight 250W panels)  in the clear space available  (the space immediately next to the chimney is unusable, as it would be in shadow in the afternoon; and the chimney is very much in use, for disposal of combustion products from my wood-burning stove).

Although the amount I am going to be able to generate is  (I hate to admit)  rather less than the amount I use, it is still worth it.  Electricity isn't getting any cheaper.  Even if the price per kilowatt-hour stays the same, the system should have paid for itself within 11 years.  And sooner if it goes up; since I'm effectively paying in advance for as much electricity as can I generate.  Whatever I generate and use, I won't have to pay for.

And if I can somehow reduce my consumption to the level of what I can generate, then I'm going to be up on the deal, since the rebate is paid on the assumption that you use half yourself and export the rest.

Anyway, having paid my deposit, there is now a statutory cooling-off period of 7 working days before they are allowed to begin the installation work; during which time, I am free to change my mind and ask for my money back.  The clock is already beginning to seem to take a long time between ticks .....

Watch this space for news.

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